Survey Mobility Application
Census / Surveys?
Do it with the markets most
powerful survey solution ezecensus;
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Conduct your surveys anywhere they need to be. Don't be restrained by web connections or service providers.
Conduct simple consumer satisfaction polls to complex citizen surveys using our powerful survey software EzeCensus.
The Census is conducted using the IPad and Android devices. Also the system is integrated with GIS to display detail maps of the survey areas.
How it Works?
Scheming surveys, Sync them to the devices, capturing field data, evaluating the process and then uploading the results to required format. ‘ezeCensus’ covers it all in a robust, secure and simple way.
The smart technology integrated online survey system enables a real time access to the survey reports, which allows the survey board to analyse and take strategic decisions easily. Using the amazing potentials of Smart IPads and Android devices the real time surveys are conducted with ezeCensus.
The administration board scheming the surveys and census, the enumerators collecting the field data with the help of IPads and GIS interfaces, and uploading them for evaluation covers the whole process in a simple way. The connected nature of this type of data-collection gives you the ability to commune with your field staff in real-time and thereby reach you target audience. Also the hierarchal data integrity system helps to keep the reliability of the reports.
‘ezeCensus’ is an application to manage and conduct demographical survey using mobility devices such as iPad and Android devices. The administrators and supervisors will manage the survey process through back office and Enumerators can collect the census data using iPads and Android devices. The ezeCensus application is capable of supporting 4000+ users in the field. All the data collected through the mobility devices will be synchronized to the central repository.
With ezeCensus you can conduct these surveys on Android devices and iPads even when you are out of the grid. The data collected and stored can then be uploaded when you are connected to the service provider again. The integrated GIS system which displays the detailed maps of the survey areas will make it easy for the enumerators to get there.
An example for a survey system hierarchy is as shown below