Survey Mobility Application
Census / Surveys?
Say good bye to paper forms and traditional survey methods. Make it with the markets most powerful Survey solution, ezeCensus; Collect any data from
Census is no more a tedious paper work thing. Leave those print outs, paper forms and clipboards behind; your iPhone or iPad is all you need. You will no longer run out of forms while on the street doing your surveys.
With over 400 members conducting hundreds of surveys over a span of more than a year, ezeCensus has rapidly become an extremely popular Survey service at Emirates...
EzeCensus automatically captures the GIS location of any survey conducted. The location of the iPad devices can be tracked using GIS. Using the iPad allocation details to each enumerator, the survey location can be viewed on a map from the Administrator desk for him to see exactly who did what and WHERE.

Census/ Citizen Surveys.

Constituent surveys for year planning and future endeavours for the government.

Make your strategic planning for the future endeavours with ezeCensus. It provides the best survey solution with an ease of use for the governments and authorities to conduct robust census and surveys on survey of anything including demographic surveys, Property surveys and Human / Livestock census satisfaction surveys.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys.

Connect with Your Customers and Build Your Business.

Customer satisfaction is essential for the survival of any business. Find out whether your customer is satisfied, what's most important to them, and then make improvements to those areas that have the biggest impact on their satisfaction.
Create a Survey in minutes
Create an online poll
Customise with your logo and brand your online surveys
Send surveys via email for analysis

Employee Satisfaction Surveys.

Listen to your employees and improve the work quality.

EzeCensus offers you the help you have been looking for to easily and quickly create an online employee satisfaction survey. Employee Satisfaction Survey enables you to measure and analyze employee satisfaction for the greater good and improvement of the workplace. EzeCensus allows you to create reports and share your reports securely with each other, and also export your data to CSV, spreadsheet format, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Adobe PDF.

Market Research Surveys.

Uncover the unseen. Know your market.

When it comes to conducting market research that involves gathering feedback from individuals, ezeCensus makes creating a market research survey, an absolute breeze. Customise your surveys for specific purposes and conduct them in an easy method. Unlike most online survey solutions, ezeCensus provides robust features that are easy to use and yet enable quality analysis of survey data.

Event Planning Surveys.

Make the events a success. Reach out to vendors and attendees.

Conduct your event planning surveys with ease. Conduct it with ezeCensus and plan your surveys to meet your needs and send it out to invitees to gather ideas and feedback. Using the ezeCensus event planning survey software, you can take advantage of opinions and suggestions before the event, and capture feedback during and after the event.

Educational Surveys.

Provide quality education. Reach out to the students and teachers. Know what actually they require.

Make your educational surveys easier with markets most demanding survey software ezeCensus. Gain valuable course feed backs, student’s opinion, faculty demands etc using the robust survey platform. EzeCensus provides an easy way to reach out to the students and teachers to know their demands for a quality education.