eZeCensus is an application to manage and conduct demographical survey using mobility devices such as IPad and Android. The administrators and supervisors will manage the survey process through back office and Enumerators can collect the census data using IPads and Android devices. The eZeCensus application is capable of supporting 4000+ users in the field. All the data collected through the mobility devices will be synchronized to the central repository.

The Census is conducted using the IPad and the data is sent to the back office. Also the system is integrated with GIS to display detail maps of the survey areas, to make it easy for the enumerators to get there.

The ADCensus system has mainly four Modules,

Back Office Application

The Back office module will be used by Administrator, Head office administrators/Users, Regional office administrators/ users, Branch office administrators/ Users and Supervisors based on their permissions.

IPAD Survey Application

Survey application is mainly used by Enumerators, but can be used by everyone in the organization based on their permission. This module runs on IPAD and Survey Client application.

GIS Service

GIS Service provides GIS map and data information to Back Office, Survey modules and enables tracking from GIS database.

SMAP Service and Database

SMAP Service module will provide survey related data to Back Office and Survey Application from central survey database.


The main feature of Ad census is its ‘Portability’ with a ‘Smart phone ‘interface which is of first kind used so far.