Survey Mobility Application
Census / Surveys?
Say good bye to paper forms and traditional survey methods. Make it with the markets most powerful Survey solution, ezeCensus; Collect any data from
Census is no more a tedious paper work thing. Leave those print outs, paper forms and clipboards behind; your iPhone or iPad is all you need. You will no longer run out of forms while on the street doing your surveys.
With over 400 members conducting hundreds of surveys over a span of more than a year, ezeCensus has rapidly become an extremely popular Survey service at Emirates...
EzeCensus automatically captures the GIS location of any survey conducted. The location of the iPad devices can be tracked using GIS. Using the iPad allocation details to each enumerator, the survey location can be viewed on a map from the Administrator desk for him to see exactly who did what and WHERE.
What is ezeCensus?
In a simple language it is a dynamic survey solution. ‘ezeCensus’ is an online dynamic survey solution that offers a wide range of out-of-the-box features that allows the governments/ Corporate to carry out the survey of anything including demographic surveys, Property surveys, Human / Livestock census and customer / employee satisfaction surveys.
Through its core businesses of Surveys, Census and Polls ezeCensus enables the governments and businesses to reach their constituents and customers. The robust survey platform empowers the companies to execute and deliver the survey results and analysis in real-time and global scale.
The online survey system allows for one click access to real-time reports, survey reports and online dashboards. Exporting the data to MS Excel and comma delimited (.csv) formats can be done using the application.
How it Works?
Scheming surveys, Sync them to the devices, capturing field data, evaluating the process and then uploading the results to required format. ‘ezeCensus’ covers it all in a robust, secure and simple way.The smart technology integrated online survey system enables a real time access to the survey reports, which allows the survey board to analyse and take strategic decisions easily. Read More
Dynamic Survey features
The smart technology integrated survey and coordination tool allows for a dynamic survey control and analysis as well as flexible evaluation options and data export. The administrative department who schemes the census/survey can customise the survey questionnaire and sync them to device for their own survey types and needs. All data protection requirements are fulfilled by setting privileged roles. A flexible layout design rounds off this all-in-one solution-ezeCensus.
Add the simplicity of touch screen data collection with powerful, flexible survey design and immediate survey reporting. It is incredibly versatile and supports everything from common question types, advanced question types for Census and surveys to sophisticated multilingual surveys and Smart technology Integration.
Dynamic survey features: Dynamic survey control and analysis along with flexible evaluation process and data export.
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Survey system Hierarchy (Role, organizational and defined roles) and privileged access; Role hierarchy, organizational hierarchy, defined roles and privileged access for admin, supervisor, enumerator etc.
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Device Management: The admin can add or remove devices like IPads, Systems, or survey devices.
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Offline map integration to the enumerator’s device: The Survey areas to each enumerator will be defined and the map for each area will be synched to the IPad.
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Enumerator tracking using GPS and colour coded status map of each area
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The survey device Dash board (for the enumerator) includes work Area, buildings in the work area, the units in the work area etc
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The enumerator’s work efficiency can be found out by setting targets every day leading to an effective survey management system.
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Ease in synching the collected data for evaluation: Once the survey is complete the enumerator can sync it to the central repository (web) using the network access.
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Privileged data editing for the enumerator: The enumerator can edit the survey before completing it. Once the survey is complete the enumerator cannot change the data entered.
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Syncing and evaluation: : Syncing the data collected, the supervisor can evaluate the survey and submit it for evaluation purposes.
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Survey system Configuration: Ease of use, High maintainability
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Crystal reports are generated using the submitted data.
Customized output instruments: CSV export and PDF reports